Jewish and Israeli Film Festival: The Boy & Jerry’s Last Mission

**_The Boy | Short Film_**
Avinoam and Barak, father and son from Kibbutz near Gaza strip, are each
facing another round of combat in their own way. While Avinoam insists on
continuing his routine and his work in the field, Barak finds it difficult to
close his eyes and continue as usual. One night, Barak reaches a boiling point
and Avinoam is forced to absorb the flames. Yahav Winner’s final film is a
poignant meditation on empathy across borders, as told through the eyes of a
young man living in a Kibbutz on the Gaza border, whose compassion for his
neighbors on the other side of the fence sets him apart from his family and
**Content Warning: violence**

** _Jerry’s Last Mission | Documentary Feature_**
P-51 fighter pilot Jerry Yellin flew combat missions on Iwo Jima and over
Japan, including the last combat mission of World War II. As he confronts his
decades-old fear and hatred, Yellin overcomes his PTSD as he was forced to
face his enemy once again when his youngest son moved to Japan and married the
daughter of a Kamikaze pilot. This documentary tells the story of Jerry’s
reconciliation with the enemy and healing from the wounds of war.
**Trigger Warning: suicidal references**
**Content Warning: graphic archival imagery **

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