Jewish and Israeli Film Festival: Kinderland & The Catskills

**_Kinderland | Documentary Short_**
This short film tells the story of two secular Jewish summer camps in upstate
New York that have cultivated social activists for almost a century and are
still in existence today. Both camps were founded by secular working-class
Jews on either side of the leftist political divide. What makes KINDERLAND
both exceptional and timely is that it presents a history of political
consciousness in America, while highlighting the ongoing reemergence of
critical social issues and the ways divisiveness is a primary impediment to
establishing real and permanent change. _Join for a discussion with Jennifer
Caplan, Associate Professor and Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati Chair in
Judaic Studies, University of Cincinnati._

** _The Catskills | Documentary Feature_**
As bungalow colony proprietors, guests, waiters, comedians, hoteliers, and
beauticians share colorful tales of Catskill farms, boarding houses, and
luxury resorts, they paint a picture of vibrant American Jewish life and
culture in the 20th century. With a trove of lost-and-found archival footage
and a cast of characters endowed with the gift of gab, this documentary
journeys into the storied mountain getaway north of New York City.

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