Black Lives Matter Not Just For Americans


The Jews stranded in Ethiopia have been promised authorization to make Aliyah for decades.

Kedem & Kilimanjaro


I‘ve given a few different irreverent answers when people have asked why I’m undertaking this physically demanding (and not cheap) journey to climb Kilimanjaro. If you must know, there’s some […]

Amazon Removes ‘Gas the JEWS’ Holiday Tumbler


This story first appeared in the Cleveland Jewish News/ Reprinted with permission As late as 9:38 p.m. Nov. 16, customers of Amazon could buy a “generic Jewish wine tumbler” bearing […]

Shabbat Weekend In Bulgaria


I prefer not to seem like a dumb American tourist, but I much more prefer not to be called a “Russian.” It took me a day to get a hold […]

May Their Memories be for a Blessing


Eleven people were murdered in Israel by terrorists marking it as the deadliest time period within Israel since 2006.

Resources To Help Ukraine


One week into its war with Ukraine, Russia bombed civilians, hospitals, and historic city centers, reducing entire areas to rubble and creating a humanitarian crisis. One million refugees had already […]