The Jewish Drinking Show: Jewish Recovery


While drinking is a wonderful activity that can enhance many people’s lives, it can also be a challenging aspect for others. For those who have struggled with alcohol, in addition […]

How I Became Holocaust Girl: A Story for Yom HaShoah


I got the nickname, Holocaust Girl, back in college. Little did they—the poetry department mean girls—know, instead of feeling insulted and ridiculed, as they had hoped, I loved the designation. […]

Maimonides On Kiddush And Havdallah


This week on the Jewish Drinking Show, Rabbi Drew welcomes guest Rabbi Dan Margulies to discuss Maimonides’ views on Kiddush and Havdallah.

Pesach Playlist 5784


Listen to the Pesach Spotify playlist from the Jewish Foundations Mike Boberg As I was growing up, I recall annually watching The Ten Commandments on the Saturday before Easter Sunday (it still […]

Guiding Hand Exhibit Opens at the Skirball


On Apr. 11, the Skirball Museum of Cincinnati unveiled its latest exhibit, “The Guiding Hand,” featuring a collection of over 100 Torah yads (pointers used for reading from parchment) on […]

Two Kids, Four Questions: How To Appease Children At The Seder?


Got a question? Fill out this form to submit your anonymous question to be answered in a future column. Dear Miriam,  My daughter, an only child, is very attached to […]