Jewish Drinking With Rabbi Drew: Drinking on Hanukkah


Cincy Jewfolk is proud to partner with Rabbi Drew Kaplan to bring you a past episode of his podcast Jewish Drinking. Rabbi Drew Kaplan has been seeking to advance and enhance the […]

Carrying the Burden: Taking a Stand Against Antisemitism


I found out about my Jewish heritage a couple of months ago after participating in a genetic study at a local hospital that left me with more questions than answers. […]

My Sister, Independence, & The IDF


Throughout my life, I felt a profound connection to my Jewish identity. Whether it was Jewish youth groups or summer camp, Shabbat dinners or holidays, my identity and connection with […]

Looking For Love In Jerusalem


Jerusalem is to some American Jews what New York is to some aspiring actors: a good place to wash up for a while and dream of better things. And when […]

An Open Letter to My Mom


To Mom It May Concern, Well, well, well. Another year has gone by, and again, I find myself incredibly irritated. I write this letter to convey my complete and utter […]

What Kind Of Jews Are In Gen Z?


When it comes to the disruption of modern American Jewish life, no group is more scrutinized than Millennials, the generation roughly between the ages of 18-35. In their lifetimes, the […]