Glitter, Groggers, and Glam! A Drag Purim Spiel

_elech_ is hosting a Drag Purim Spiel at Urban Artifact’s Studio on **March
16th**! Join us for a night filled with Glitter, Groggers, and Glam!

There will be Hamentashen (traditional cookies), a photo booth, noisemakers,
and a costume contest! Come dressed in your best Purim costume and be ready to
have an incredible time.

Featuring drag performers: Alexander Cameron, Aurora Starr, Stixen Stones,
De’Vile Milke, Sho Sho Zahav, and Lady Phaedra
Written by local Queer Jewish playwright Eric George Tauber

What’s Purim?
Purim is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the survival of the Jews from
Persian laws sentencing to death. The story is told through the biblical Book
of Esther.
What’s a Purim Spiel?
A Purim spiel is the theatrical retelling of the Book of Esther that many
organization’s show or read every year. When you hear the name Haman, you
shout and “BOO” loudly and make lots of noise.
What is elech?
elech is Cincinnati’s Queer Jewish Community that fosters belonging for
members of our community.
Do I have to be Jewish?
No! And we’re not a synagogue, and our leaders aren’t always rabbis.
Do I have to be queer?
Not necessarily. We’re a radically welcoming community, come as you are.
please be mindful of intentionally creating a safe and validating space for
queer people to practice jewishly, together.

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Urban Artifact 1660 Blue Rock St, Cincinnati