A Yom HaShoah Benediction


Let’s walk backward together through some of what the last 2000 years of history have brought the Jewish people. I promise I’ll be as succinct as I can: October 7, […]

Pesach Playlist 5784


Listen to the Pesach Spotify playlist from the Jewish Foundations Mike Boberg As I was growing up, I recall annually watching The Ten Commandments on the Saturday before Easter Sunday (it still […]

Two Kids, Four Questions: How To Appease Children At The Seder?


Got a question? Fill out this form to submit your anonymous question to be answered in a future column. Dear Miriam,  My daughter, an only child, is very attached to […]

The Jewish Drinking Show: Wine In Medieval Haggadah Art


It’s hard to ignore the role of wine during the Passover Seder. It’s also hard to ignore the haggadah at a Passover Seder. So what about wine in the Passover […]

The Jewish Drinking Show: Women and the Four Cups of Wine


Passover is less than three weeks away! This week on the Jewish Drinking Show it is all about the ladies. Rabbi Drew welcomes Miriam Gedwesier to discuss the Talmudic inclusion […]

Upside Down in the Morning


Purim celebrations often revolve around drinking, at least for adults. It is common for people to remind one another of the rabbinic teaching to drink so much one cannot tell […]

Jewish Drinking with Rabbi Drew: Drinking On Purim In The Talmud


This week on the show: Purim is coming! This week, the podcast/video episode features Professor Jordan Rosenblum, the Belzer Professor of Classical Judaism, the Max and Frieda Weinstein-Bascom Professor of […]