Upside Down in the Morning

Purim celebrations often revolve around drinking, at least for adults. It is common for people to remind one another of the rabbinic teaching to drink so much one cannot tell the difference between the wicked Haman(booo) and the righteous Mordecai. 

This topsy-turvy holiday is the rowdiest in the Jewish calendar. Thousands of folks will wake up the day after Purim to discover that their livers don’t work as well as they used to. 

Here are some sure-fire tips that will help those who still feel upside down the next day. 

Editor’s Note: I am not a medical professional; everyone should be an adult and make their own decisions. 

Hydrate: Drink that water. Avoiding a hangover starts the night before; be sure to hydrate and enjoy water spacers between drinks. If that didn’t work or you forgot, be sure to have enough water the next day. Pro tip: Put some sea salt and lemon juice in your water to give it some electrolytes. 

Drink less the night before: There is a teaching to drink so much you can’t tell the difference between the righteous Mordecai and the wicked Haman(booo). Consider only a couple of drinks rather than several. Pro tip: It’s better to have a couple of nice drinks than 5-7 low-quality ones. 

Eat Some Food: Maybe the idea of eating anything is making your stomach churn faster than the fiery wheels on Elijah’s chariot, but eating some food is bound to help ease your hangover. Eat a full meal with complex carbs. Pro tip: Izzy Wellman, FolkMedia Client Account manager, swears by a 10-piece chicken nugget and a Gatorade. (However, there is no science behind that.)

Take a Pill: Take over-the-counter nausea or pain medication for your headache and queasy stomach.  (consult with a physician before taking any new medications) Pro Tip: Dramamine, the motion sickness medication, was my secret weapon to fight hangovers in college. 

Move: Exercise might be the furthest thing from your mind, but going out for a gentle workout or stretching will help you start to feel more normal again. 

Sweat: Hit the steam or sauna (make sure you’re hydrated) and sweat out those toxins. 

Sunshine: It might not feel very good at first, but going out in the sunshine and breathing fresh air will help clear out those cobwebs. 

Ice Bath/Cold Shower: Getting in the cold may help decrease inflammation. Or it is just uncomfortable enough to make you forget about your hangover for a little while. 

Schedule an IV Hydration Appointment: You can make an appointment to get your hydration pumped directly into your veins. Sometimes, these treatments include an anti-nausea medication. 

Time/Sleep: Eventually, your hangover will go away if you give it enough time.