Antisemitic Banner Found on Columbia Parkway

A homemade banner bearing the message “Save Ireland From the Jews” was discovered hanging above Columbia Parkway on March 16.

The banner was on a pedestrian walkway on the westbound side of Columbia Parkway, one of the main routes into downtown Cincinnati. Although not placed along the St. Patrick’s Day parade route, the timing of its appearance coincided with the city’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Authorities removed the banner prior to the commencement of the parade.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the Irish Saint Patrick, who drove all the snakes out of Ireland and saved the island by bringing Christianity. 

Pictures of the banner circulated on social media. The Jewish Community Relations Council said in a statement that they were alerted of the incident and immediately began working to ensure the banner’s removal. 

“Early on March 16, the Jewish Federation and the JCRC were alerted to the presence of antisemitic banners in Cincinnati bearing the message Save Ireland From the Jews. We immediately coordinated with SAFE Cincinnati, law enforcement, and local elected leaders to ensure the banners were removed without delay.”

Antisemitic incidents have been on the rise around the world and in the US. According to the Anti-Defamation League, antisemitic incidents have increased 360% since Oct. 7

“Although the banners are gone, they are a sad reminder of the current prevalence of antisemitism and our need to remain vigilant,” said the JCRC. 

With antisemitic incidents showing no sign of slowing in the near future. According to Ari Jun, the director of the JCRC, these are some of the things you should do if you encounter antisemitic banners, graffiti, or incidents. 

“Contact law enforcement, document it (banner, graffiti, or material), contact the JCRC so they can track incidents,” said Jun. 

Staying safe is the priority when encountering any antisemitic incident. 

“Folks should keep in mind that [while] law enforcement [often] can’t punish the behavior, [it’s still] important for them to understand when the community is threatened,” he said.