Camp Livingston Brings Generations of Campers Together

Family Camp Weekend has always been one of the most popular offerings at Camp Livingston, bringing in over 100 people every year. 

“There are some families who’ve been coming for a long time. The kids started when they were two or three, and now they’re 13 still attending and enjoying,” said Camp Director Abby Solomon. “We have a lot of families that will come with grandparents and make it a multigenerational weekend getaway!”

Rachel Faust grew up going to Camp Livingston and attended Family Camp last year. 

“I loved Camp as a child, it felt so special for me to return to Family Camp with my family, including my two young children and my mother,” she said. “Our three generations spent a joyous Shabbat together outdoors, singing, climbing, swimming, doing arts and crafts, making memories together that my kids will have when they return as campers one day. Family Camp gives our family a precious opportunity to share in the joy Camp Livingston creates for us.”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Family Camp’s popularity has skyrocketed. Now, Camp Livingston has added a second weekend to their event offerings. This year, in addition to Memorial Day weekend, Camp Livingston is having a second Family Camp over Labor Day weekend. 

Attendees are offered the authentic Camp Livingston experience: Staying in cabins and participating in camp activities like the ropes course, the waterfront, and tie-dye – LOTS of tie-dye. 

A standout feature of the weekend is Camp Livingston’s Shabbat experience, featuring Friday night and optional Saturday morning services, and havdalah, followed by a bonfire, camp tunes, and s’mores. 

The majority of the weekend has open activities. The most popular areas of camp and activities during the weekend, according to Solomon, are the lake, which features a trampoline, canoes, kayaks, and a waterslide, and the ropes course with its zipline and climbing wall.

“It is always a great opportunity and fun for kids to show their parents how brave they are,” she said. 

Family camp isn’t just an opportunity for kids but is also a chance for parents to try new things and get out of their comfort zones, and to Solomon, that is one of the best parts of her job. 

“There’s something inspiring about adults going out of their comfort zone because it’s just less common. I have the privilege of seeing kids trying new things  all summer, so Family Camp is a special atmosphere” she said.   

There is also adult programming, giving parents a chance to connect and relax with one another while the Camp Livingston staff takes care of the kids. To Solomon, it is the most affordable all-inclusive family vacation you can find. 

Located in the rolling hills of southeastern Indiana, just 60 miles from Cincinnati, Camp Livingston Family Camp brings in families from all across the Midwest and beyond. And to Solomon, it’s also fun to watch families make friends and reunite each year over the weekend.

“There are people from all over the region. Cincinnati, Columbus, Louisville, Lexington, Indianapolis, Bloomington,” she said. “Even sometimes Pittsburgh or Cleveland and even further away cities like Nashville.”

Family Camp is also an excellent opportunity for families to introduce their kids to camp, as almost a test run before becoming full-fledged campers. 

“Family Camp is a great way for the kids to get their feet wet and get comfortable at Camp,” she said. 

“Kids come in, and they realize, ‘Oh my gosh, I love this!’ They didn’t know they were ready, but Family Camp gives them the courage and preparedness so they come back either in a few weeks for first session or later in the summer for the second session. There’s a magic to the weekend, and then you just want more.”

Part of the success of Family Camp is not just the connections made by families but that every year, Camp Livingston receives late registrations for other summer programs – sometimes you just have to try it to believe it. 

“Seeing adults try new activities and watching kids witness their parents try something new is so unique. Adults getting to be kids again is amazing,” she said “For me, I love watching a 3-year-old try something new and a 73-year-old try something new simultaneously.” 

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