JVS Careers Scholarship Application Now Open

Sarah embarked on a transformative journey that led her to Cincinnati five and a half years ago where, after securing a position at a local prestigious hospital, the trajectory for her career took place. 

Immersed in her team at the James M. Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence, Sarah discovered her passion for learning and adult education. Eager to become directly involved in the education of others, she explored educational opportunities and found the online Master of Education program Learning, Leadership, and Organization Development at the University of Georgia. 

During this time, Sarah met with Rachel Marchese, Director of Cincy Internships and Scholarship Coordinator for JVS Careers. After talking, Rachel was able to explain that Sarah may qualify for a scholarship and would benefit strongly from it “I wasn’t really even thinking about scholarships, even though I knew I needed them and would benefit from them and this one was going to work for me quite well,” said Sarah.

Gus Hilb established the Hilb Scholarship Fund in honor of his parents, Mannis and Yetta Hilb, in 1955. Since its inception, it has been administered by JVS Careers and has been providing need-based financial assistance to students in the Cincinnati Jewish community. 

“The Hilb Scholarship Fund is committed to making funds available for students who want to further their education after high school, and for adults who want additional education and training,” said JVS Careers CEO, Joni Burton. 

Attending grad school as a working adult comes with its challenges but for Sarah, being awarded a scholarship came with so much more than just funding for school, it offered peace of mind and a support system in JVS Careers. It also gave Sarah a new and refreshing drive for her academic studies that has impacted her approach as she continues her career. Sarah explained “The scholarship assisted me in that discipline of ‘alright, the money is taken care of, so you have no excuses. Give it your all, you can really give this the time it deserves’ and now that’s carried over into my personal life. Give it your all and give each experience what it deserves.”

For the 2022-2023 academic year, sixty-five Hilb Scholarships — totaling more than two hundred thousand dollars — were awarded.

Sarah’s journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and the invaluable support provided by JVS Careers, “Being able to support so many students and offer a small connection to the community while they are focused on school is so rewarding” said Dedra Perlmutter, Senior Career Coach and Scholarship Coordinator for JVS Careers. “Staying in contact with students during their college years and helping them develop a relationship with JVS careers sets the groundwork for their professional life for years to come.”

The Hilb Scholarship isn’t the only opportunity available to students. For those who complete the Hilb Scholarship application, support through the following funds is also possible: the Anne and George Heldman Family Scholarship Fund, the Saidel Award, the Guthman Award, the Graff Award, and the Weiss Award.

The last day to apply for the Hilb scholarship for the 2023-2024 academic year is May 1, 2024, by 8am. Students interested in applying can access the application and more information at the JVS Careers website, jvscareers.org