Jewish Drinking with Rabbi Drew: Beer in the Bible

Cincy Jewfolk is happy to present another episode of the podcast Jewish Drinking.

This week on Jewish Drinking, Rabbi Drew welcomes Professor Michael Homan, a distinguished Theology scholar and Department Head at Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans. Diving into a journey that blends the sacred with the spirited, Professor Homan unravels the fascinating story behind his unique research and publications on beer in the Bible.

Here are publications by Professor Homan on beer in the Bible:

  • Ebeling, Jennie R. and Michael M. Homan. “Baking and Brewing Beer in the Israelite Household: A Study of Women’s Cooking Technology”. In The World of Women in the Ancient and Classical Near East, edited by Beth Alpert Nakhai, 45-62. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008.
  • Homan, Michael, “Beer and its Drinkers: An Ancient Near Eastern Love Story”. Near Eastern Archaeology 67.2 (June 2004): 84-95.
  • Homan, Michael. “Beer, Barley, and שֵׁכָר in the Hebrew Bible”. In Le-David Maskil: A Birthday Tribute for David Noel Freedman, edited by Richard Elliott Friedman and William H. C. Propp, 25-38. Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2004.
  • Homan, Michael, “Did the Ancient Israelites Drink Beer?”. Biblical Archaeological Review 36.5 (September/October 2010): 48-56, 78.