High Holiday Dinner & Break Fast Matching 2023

We’re delighted to introduce Cincy Jewfolk’s matchmaking service for this year’s High Holidays! Togetherness and a special meal are both major parts of how we spend the High Holidays, but finding and making plans can be a challenge for lots of reasons. Everyone deserves a seat at the communal table — particularly when you’re new, connecting, or reconnecting in a community. That’s why we’re working to build opportunities to find others who are also looking for connections, and spend these important days in good company. Let’s start 5784 off right.

Fill the form out before Monday, August 28, and we’ll connect you with any matches by Friday, September 1 to give you time to make plans together. Depending on the device you’re using, if you don’t see (or have a hard time filling in) the form below, click here!