Empowering Individuals through Partnership

On April 27th, JVS Careers, Dress for Success, and Portaluca joined forces to create an empowering event to connect clients with the valuable resources Dress for Success and Portaluca have to offer. The collaboration gave an opportunity for clients to shop for work-appropriate clothing at affordable prices while also experiencing a supportive environment for networking and personal growth. In an interview with Ann Margolis, a client of JVS Careers and employee at Dress for Success, we gained insights into the shared event and the impact JVS Careers had on her personal journey.

From Stay-at-Home Mom to Dress for Success, Ann Margolis found herself in search of a new career opportunity as her youngest child started college. Having previously worked as a pharmaceutical representative, Ann was interested in rejoining the workforce in a boutique environment. When a friend suggested she contact JVS Careers, Ann hesitated, assuming working with JVS Careers was not for her and that she wasn’t the right fit. However, after reaching out to Joni Burton, CEO of JVS Careers, Joni informed her she was a perfect client for JVS Careers. With an 18-year gap in employment, Ann felt she had missed out on technological advancements, but quickly gained needed support with the help of JVS Careers’ Senior Career Coach, Christine Olsen. Ann received help in updating her resume and additional guidance as she re-entered the workforce, leading her to a position at Dress for Success and Portaluca. Ann quickly discovered that working at Dress for Success was a perfect match for her passion for fashion and retail. She found fulfillment interacting with customers and getting to know the women she serves brought her immense joy, particularly witnessing returning customers’ satisfaction.

Portaluca, a boutique run by Dress for Success, operates on a 100% donation basis. The boutique gives access to new and new-ish quality fashion, sold at an affordable price. All proceeds generated from the store directly contribute to supporting the mission and initiatives of Dress for Success. The store serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking professional clothing at affordable prices, while also providing an avenue for community members to contribute to the cause.

The collaboration between JVS Careers, Dress for Success, and Portaluca resulted in an incredible event that catered to clients’ needs and desires. The shopping party provided an opportunity for clients to experience the boutique alongside regular visitors. Ann expressed her enthusiasm for such events, as they introduce newcomers to Dress for Success, allowing them to explore the boutique, potentially creating lasting connections and encouraging repeat visits.

Dress for Success operates with a mission to empower women by providing them with professional attire and support services. The program caters to a diverse range of individuals, from those re-entering the workforce after a long hiatus to women leaving challenging circumstances with only the clothes on their backs. Volunteers in the style studio ensure that each woman receives the appropriate attire, boosting their confidence and preparing them for interviews. Additionally, once employed, women are eligible to return to Dress for Success and select ten other items free of charge. For more information on Dress for Success and Portaluca, please visit their websites at www.dfscincy.org and www.dfscincy.org.

For more information about JVS Careers, visit us at www.jvscareers.org!