Getting Ready for Baby… 9 Weeks Left and Counting

At 31 weeks. Hanging out in the rose bushes in Duluth, MN.

It’s starting. The planning. The classes. The unpacking. The washing of clothes. The building of a crib.
We’re 31 weeks preggo. O.M.G.
Today I booked us four pregnancy classes to learn the ropes of everything from breastfeeding to labor breathing. Literally like 15 hours of classes over the span of two weeks. In between the Jewish holidays. Oy.
And by now it’s hit the point where I just want her to show up already.
Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE being pregnant, I actually do. I like the feeling of her kicking inside me as soon as I’ve eaten lunch, or dinner, or right before I go to sleep. I like the bonding with other women – current mommas, and mommas to be, over how exciting this moment is in our lives (sometimes poppas too, but its usually the mommas who comment on the big belly).  And I love that thanks to JDATE I have found the most amazing man in the world, the one who I want to be with forever, and that I love him enough to start a family with him. That’s a pretty big deal.
That all said, I want to meet her. Now.
I’ve never been a patient lady.
But…. since I still have 9 weeks or so of “getting ready,” I’d love to hear your thoughts on what that means.

Momma & Poppa readers, how did you get ready physically, spiritually, emotionally to have your little ones?

Did you follow the traditional Jewish rules of not setting up anything in your nursery (we’re skipping that superstition in favor of the need to plan ahead)? Did you read any books before baby was born to get you ready for the big adventure? And is there anything you wish you had done but didn’t do?
Thanks for your advice!