A meaningful Yom Kippur: a Jewish educator’s take on the holiday

I feel that there is something artificial and forced about setting aside one day every year for us to admit our mistakes and ask forgiveness from others. This should be done every day! Just feeling that I am “required” to sit in synagogue, pray with more intensity than normal, and pour out my soul to God (or maybe just acknowledging my soul’s existence to myself) makes me feel less motivated to do just that. Yet, this is what Yom Kippur asks us to do.

My Yom Kippur Without Fasting

It’s the holiday of looking inward. Of judgment. Of taking an accounting of one’s self and one’s sins. But how to make the holiday meaningful when you’re pregnant and can’t fast?

Life Is A Bet

Sefer Bereshit starts out with the Hebrew letter “bet”.  The first Midrash Rabba (and echoed in Yerushalmi Chagiga 2:2) notes that the reason this is not an “alef” is because […]