The Jewish Drinking Show: Kedem Wines


This week on the Jewish Drinking show: Gabriel Geller joins the show to discuss Kedem Wines, also known as the Royal Wine Corporation. Geller is the Royal Wine Corporation’s Director […]

The Jewish Drinking Show: Manischewitz Wine, Kedem Wine, And More


This week on the Jewish Drinking Show: What’s the story with Manischewitz wine? To answer this question, the most recent Jewish Drinking podcast episode had Professor Roger Horowitz on to share his research […]

Jewish Drinking with Rabbi Drew: Beer in the Bible


Cincy Jewfolk is happy to present another episode of the podcast Jewish Drinking. This week on Jewish Drinking, Rabbi Drew welcomes Professor Michael Homan, a distinguished Theology scholar and Department […]

Jewish Drinking With Rabbi Drew: Drinking on Hanukkah


Cincy Jewfolk is proud to partner with Rabbi Drew Kaplan to bring you a past episode of his podcast Jewish Drinking. Rabbi Drew Kaplan has been seeking to advance and enhance the […]